10th May, 2010

Satchmo in a virtualenv

Satchmo is a django-based web shop that I was investigating recently. There is a pretty healthy list of requirements and I didn’t fancy installing dependencies all over my system just for a discovery excercise. After a fruitless couple of hours trying to get a buildout going I realised that wasn’t going to happen so I tried a different route.

I already had a django instance in the python path and gradually I came to realise that virtualenv would be a much easier way to go. Here are the steps I used to get things going:

#apt requirements for pip to build reportlab etc.
sudo apt-get install build-essential python-dev python-imaging

#install virtualenv
sudo easy_install virtualenv

#create and activate env
virtualenv satchmo_test
source satchmo_test/bin/activate

#install satchmo and dependencies
pip install -r http://bitbucket.org/chris1610/satchmo/raw/tip/scripts/requirements.txt
pip install -e hg+http://bitbucket.org/chris1610/satchmo/#egg=satchmo

#set up satchmo
cd satchmo_test
python bin/clonesatchmo.py

#run the bugger!
cd store
python manage.py runserver

And that gets things going. To avoid running all that manually, there’s a shell script available on the pastebin that might work for you.

Once you have the basic shop running have a look at the excellent Satchmo documentation to go further with it.

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